I know a lot of you have been wondering what is going on with my blog “Christopher’s Eyes”. I have thought a lot about it lately and have decided to retire it. Before you get all up in arms about it… I’m retiring it because I need to update some things surrounding the blog.

I need a new name since it isn’t just Christopher that has the disease now. It isn’t just about his eyes anymore either… it is about the constant battle we face each and every day with 2 of our boys and the disease. And it isn’t about MY feeling anymore. It is about all of our feelings – Me, Laura, Christopher, Kevin, and Wayne’s.

I have a new blog that I just started working on. It is by no means laid out the way I’d like it, but I wanted to get it started so that those of you who want to can start enjoying it again if you wish.

Feel free to check out the first post of my new blog:


(I have bought the domain too… I will get it up and running very soon… until then… feel free to click the link below to start reading. And I promise… I’ll update very frequently. And don’t fret… I’ll get the layout set up soon so that it is much more appealing!) Let me know what you think!