I promised a catch up blog…

Christopher’s pressures have been pretty stable.  However, his sight has worsened … just slightly.  We are obviously always cognizant of how is is actually seeing things but sometimes it just creeps up on you and surprises you.

During conversations with him about 3 weeks before school let out we realized that he can’t see the “word wall” in his class!  Once again… he is just too smart for his own good and hasn’t needed to reference it but it makes us wonder what else he compensates for with is intelligence that could be made more readily available to him if we knew about it.  He is just on the cusp of not needing “services” so it is really hard to gauge at this point.  We will definitely be focusing on this more as time goes by (what he can and can not see in the classroom and out.)

Wayne is still in that state of uncertainty.  The last time he went for an EUA his pressures had started to elevate again… but not enough for any surgery.  We changed the drop regime and he goes back June 29th.  We (Laura and I) think that his eyes are starting to look cloudy… but then we don’t … then we do.. then we don’t.  It is this uncertainty that has always plagued us and almost drove us mad!

We always feel that we are second guessing the doctor or undermining him… when we think we see something he doesn’t… but we have been correct some of the time.  We think we’re worrying too much or over analyzing… but in the end… we DO see things and changes – especially since we are always looking for them – quickly now.  And sometimes the doctor has no baseline to go by.

Either way… we now wait until the 29th… and hope that we are wrong and that his pressures are, in fact, not rising and that his corneas aren’t any more cloudy than they were last time.  Waiting and hoping… that is all we really can do now.

Kevin – well he is just fine.  🙂

All three are starting to fit the mold of typical “brothers”.  And it is great to watch.  On one hand they fight (and we are especially sensitive to this since a blow to Christopher’s right eye could be devastating since he’s had a trab, a valve, and countless other minor operations to it.  It just isn’t that “strong” from a physiological standpoint) just like brothers.  And we mediate and break it up.  On the other hand if I get onto Kevin for something he has done and scold him… Christopher immediately wants to protect his brother and/or stand up for him.  He has actually gone to his room because Kevin was put there (to cool down or to finish his screaming when he is having a fit… not really as punishment) to show support for him.  He actually gets upset with us and defends Kevin even if he has been the object of Kevin’s outburst (i.e. Kevin yelled at Christopher or hit him or took something from him, etc.)  Kevin does the same thing… he gets sad and starts to cry if Christopher gets in trouble.  That is such a wonderful thing to see… boys sticking up for their family.  Both boys, of course, stick up for Mom too!  I have to be really careful what I say to her in front of them from now on for sure!

I have a new job here in Tampa which I love!  The boys have all settled down and most behavior problems have instantly disappeared once I was back for good… They had a little bit of a hard time and acted out quite a bit when I was in Jacksonville… but they are fine now.  I’m really glad for that and very glad to be home.

Laura had graduated from FSU with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Disabilities!  We are all so proud of her! She will most likely be working in August for Hillsborough County School District (that is the plan anyway) and she is most anxious to get started!  She is very good at what she will be doing and most people in her field already know that!  She is even a contributing writer/consultant for a newer glaucoma site!  (Web link will follow as I don’t know it by heart and she isn’t here at this moment!)  Way to go honey!  

Ok… that about does it.  Until next time… take care!