Whew!  What a rough couple of weeks!  We have been through some very tough challenges recently.  Here is a quick rundown:

I, reluctantly, applied for and accepted a job with the local school board (Hillsborough County.)  I was set to be a teacher again, albeit, a high school ESE teacher.  However, the pay wasn’t the best and it took over 3 weeks to get my processing together.  It wasn’t me… it was the county.  I jumped through hoops, stopped what I was doing and took care of anything they needed… yet still there was always something else they needed.  Just when I thought they were done… I was asked to interview for another job doing what I’ve pursued for the past year – Web Development.  I applied, had several interviews, and was – HIRED!  Yah!  But the downer is that the job is in Jacksonville and requires a relocation for my family.  They can’t move until June so my wife and boys are still in Plant City until the school year ends.  My wife is in the middle of completing her final internship and will, officially, be a teacher and a graduate of FSU’s program to teach the visually impaired!  Yah!

You would think that all of this is GREAT… and it is.  But with these changes come some tough situations:  We are apart.  My wife is raising my boys AND going to school full time until they move up.  This is EXTREMELY tough for her.  It is stressing us out like you wouldn’t believe.  I am up here alone… isolated from my family (except on weekends – which I eagerly look forward to and relish.)  And the added expense of running two sets of household bills is challenging to say the least.

Yes it is tough.  At least I thought it was until we had to deal with a completely new “challenge” today regarding Christopher’s Eyes.  Yes… just when we try to feel like we’re capable of dealing with “normal” issues of life again… Mr. Congenital Glaucoma steps from out of the shadows again to slap us in the face and remind us that he is still here.  Emotionally, it is one of the hardest things I have had to do so far and I couldn’t even do it in person.  Here is what happened:

An email was sent home by Christopher’s teacher today that explained that there would be a school-wide kickball tournament on Friday, tomorrow.  Yeah… we had exactly 3 hours notice and literally no time to think/discuss it before dealing with Christopher on this.  So, I get a call from Laura and she says that Christopher is wanting to play in this BIG game tomorrow.  We quickly talk and decide that he just can’t.  I ask her to put him on the phone.  He is such a mature little 5 year old that he listens as I explain the reasons that this is dangerous… you know getting hit in the head with the ball after someone throws it or kicks him or if he fell to the ground due to tripping – could really cause problems with his eyes… especially his right eye which has a hole in it AND a valve.  He could quite literally go blind in the worst of scenarios.

He listened so patiently and politely.  BUT …(I need a second here to wipe my eyes because they are filled with tears, they burn, and I can’t see out of them… hold on…)

I could hear and feel the horrible disappointment in his voice as he said “awwww… ok.”  He gave the phone back to mom … and I wanted nothing more than to be broke, without a job, and at home to be able to hold him.  To comfort him.  To play with him as rough as I could (I can play with him rough and be safe about it…) right then.  I want to be able to go to the game and run around with him to show him how he can appreciate sports – from the sidelines.  And that it is ok.  That he can be a part of them… without putting himself in danger… but instead…

I’m up here … in Jacksonville… working… trying to get back to “normal”,,, yeah… what a dream.

Thanks for reminding us you are still here… Mr. CG… thanks.