I am sitting here today pondering the absolutely crazy trek we’ve been through in our lives since Christopher was first diagnosed with congenital glaucoma over 5 years ago.  It has been a wild ride of ups and downs and I am in no way fooled into thinking it will ever end.  But what has ended is this:

This disease and all that comes with it… does not control us or who we are anymore.  We are in control.

Laura, my wife, and I have both committed to moving on with life and becoming happy, content, and successful – once again.  We have both been working toward this for several years… but I am starting to feel the change, for the better, in the air now.  Laura is starting her teaching internship in January.  I am so excited for her!  She will be working in an exceptional situation in her field and will have an opportunity to learn things many will never even know is there to learn.  Even within her own field she has an opportunity to work with some really unique cases!  She is truly in the “refining” stages of becoming a fantastic teacher for the visually impaired!

At the same time I am moving into a new profession, one that I have worked hard at breaking into over the last year.  I have taken a position with a company in Jacksonville as a Web Developer.  I am eager to learn, excited that I have the opportunity, and hopeful that this will be the profession that I will be able to stay in and provide for my family with – for the rest of my working career.  We are currently planning on moving to that area in the summer – permanently – as long as everything is “right.”

Both of our boys who are in the “army” – for the fight against losing their sight – are doing very well as of today.  Christopher is stable.  Wayne is stable.  They are happy, healthy, energetic and bright.  My middle son, Kevin (oft not mentioned here because he has no problems with his eyes) is doing extremely well too.  I know that their sight issues will never go away… but I’m hopeful we can get back into somewhat of a normal life in the near future.

As the new year quickly approaches – I am full of hope that it will be a fantastic year!  A new beginning.  Not only for us… but for all who we know!