…tomorrow… is Laura’s Birthday.  It is also the day of Wayne’s first glaucoma surgery.  He is getting a goinotomy.  It has been a pretty tough day but we made it through it.  Thinking back it is a very significant day in our life… July 27th that is…

5 years ago… July 27th… Laura’s birthday… Laura and I came home from work for lunch.  We were both Realtors doing fantastic (before the market fell…)  Laura’s mother had quit her job to be our nanny for our first son… Christopher.  We were the happiest we have both ever been in our lives.  If you had asked either one of us that day, 5 years ago, how we were… we would have both responded that it was, by far, the best day of our lives.  A new child, 2 houses, new cars, lots of money coming in, lots of clients, 2 wonderful careers… we were living the dream…

5 years ago… July 27th… Laura’s birthday, we came home for lunch.  Christopher had been sleeping, taking a nap.  He was 1 day shy of 3 months old.  Laura heard him start to cry as he awoke from his nap, so she went to his room to get him.  She was so happy and giddy that she would be able to spend a few minutes time with him before we both had to leave for appointments…

5 years ago around… on July 27th… around noon… Laura screamed… a scream I will never forget… Christopher’s eye had turned completely white… no color… no pupil… the pressure in his eyes were so much that the fluid burst through his eye and made them “cloudy”.

We didn’t find out until about 6 or 7pm that night… July 27th… 5 years ago… on Laura’s birthday.  We were supposed to be celebrating her birthday with family and friends by eating out that night… instead we were in tears, shock, and fear for our son.

3 years ago, July 27th… Laura’s birthday… Christopher had one of his many visits to our surgeon to check his pressure.  We were working HARD to get him to do pressure checks in the doctors office so we didn’t have to go to the hospital for an EUA.  We started enticing him with a trip to the store to buy any toy he wanted, plus eat at any restaurant he wanted, and, basically, let him dictate the entire day… the days he went to Dr. Greenidge were his “special day.”  It worked as we haven’t had an EUA for him since he was about 2 or 3… you can read my earlier posts to find that out too.

3 year ago, July 27th… Laura’s birthday… we were at a Walgreens letting Christopher pick out his toy after his doctor visit… That is when we met the lady who introduced us to the TVI (Teacher for the Visually Impaired) program at FSU.  Her name slips my mind right now… Laura has been passionate about being in this program ever since.  She found her calling on that day and it had EVERYTHING to do with congenital glaucoma (and other things too.)

July 27th, 2011… tomorrow… Laura’s birthday… Wayne will celebrate Laura’s birthday by having his eye cut on.  He will be having his first glaucoma surgery.

July 27th… is forever a very significant day in our life… Laura said tonight when we were at dinner… Her birthday is now going to be celebrated on July 26th.  She doesn’t want July 27th as her birthday anymore.  I can’t blame her.

Today it is still July 26th (as I write this we still have about 45 minutes…), it is now Laura’s new birthday as of this year.  I just wanted to tell you baby… I love you… and Happy Birthday!