Isn’t it funny how when you don’t know about something you don’t notice it… but the second you “learn” about it… that’s all you see.  You know… it’s like when you test drive a new car that you never thought about before… say a Ford Fusion… you may never have “seen” or noticed one before… but after you test drive it… you see them everywhere and you wonder why you never noticed them to begin with!

It was that way with my dad.  He worked on his feet standing up all day, every day as a butcher for the last few years of his work life.  Didn’t have too many problems either.  Then one day a display fell over that had wine bottles on it in the store where he worked and a piece of glass stuck in his leg.  He didn’t feel it and didn’t know it until much later when he had to go take care of it.  It was pretty bad too.  That’s when the doctors told him he had Type 2 Diabetes and probably had it for 5 years or more!  He didn’t have a clue.  Then they told him what the signs were… loss of feeling in your feet (neuropathy as my dad used to say…), poor balance, etc.  Do you know my dad fell over  because he couldn’t feel his feet within a few days of finding out.  Had diabetes for 5 years or more… never had trouble walking… then when he found out he had it… couldn’t hardly walk at all… Funny… not “haha” funny… just funny… ya know.  Never went back to work another day in his life either.  Funny how things happen.

Well, now that we are certain Wayne has glaucoma… we see more signs readily.  Just today… he started “tearing”… or leaking tears out of his left eye.  We’re pretty observant of our kids eyes now, after Christopher, so we are pretty sure that it just started… but it seems really coincidental that it started just today since we just scheduled surgeries for both eye yesterday!  Weird too that the doctor called us out of the blue today to tell us to put him on drops!  Weird.  Funny how things happen.. ya know.  Not “haha” funny… just funny.

It’s now that my eyes start “leaking” too.  I do pretty well when I stay busy… taking care of my boys, taking care of business, etc.  When I just sit and “think” about things… and it’s quiet (nap time around here right now)… that weird feeling pops up behind my nose and eyes… and my eyes start “leaking.”  Not an out and out cry; not at any thing in particular… just leaking…  man o man… now that we know… the signs are becoming clear.