Ok… Christopher has had several eye pressure checks since our last post.  Yes… he is still doing extremely well at the doctor office and is still amazing people by the fact that he is a perfect patient too… at only 3 years old!  lol

Several things are concerning me at this point:

  • He has been on Travatan for several months… it seems to have a strong effect on his emotional behavior
  • I mentioned it to our Dr… and he simply said… “Take him off the drops… no more drops.”
  • We had to switch his “vision” acuity doctor (my term to differentiate his eye doctors!)

First, Christopher has been on Travatan for a while now.  Dr. Greenidge put him on them a few months back and it seemed to have kept his pressures down in the high teens (16-19) consistently.  However, since he has been on the drops he has become very emotional.  He cries easier than usual.  He is extremely sensitive in many ways. And he is very excitable.  It is very had to discern what is “normal” 3 year old behavior, what can be attributed to the “Thompson” gene (that is what he does because he is like ME… sensitive, emotional, hyper, etc.), and what can be attributed to the drops.  This makes if VERY frustrating in trying to say the drops are affecting or not affecting him.  However, after careful observation over many weeks, my wife and I seem to be in agreement that he is much different, both emotionally and with respect to behavior, after he has his drop (he was only getting one drop in his right eye every other night.)  After that drop… the next day, especially towards the end of the day, he would get very hyper-active, he would disobey without giving any thought to the consequence, and when we would punish him for it – he would cry, scream, kick, bite, etc.  Very unusual for him because he is a very non-violent, contemplative, reasonable (keep in mind this is the 3 year old that we “reasoned” with to get him to do pressure checks in the office) child.  Thee day after that would be a lot less stressful (yet still there) since the drops had wore off.  So, we’ve come to the conclusion that the drops have a strong effect on him.  Then there are the problems he has had with his respiratory system.  He has had croup twice since the drops.  He has had a bad cold that seemed to pop up from no where (I know it is a bad year for the flu and colds… but he really doesn’t get much exposure to either since my wife stays at home with him and our 2nd child, Kevin.)  He seems to have started wheezing a bit here and there and a humidifier is almost a constant fixture in his room!  You could say these drops have been on our minds a lot lately.  But, to save his sight for as long as we can… we would have to say that it is worth it…

When we mentioned this to the Doctor… we didn’t even get to the part about us thinking the drops had an effect on his respiratory system… Dr Greenidge simply said “Take him off the drops.  No more drops.”

“At all?” I asked.

“At all.” he said.

“Uh… ok.” my wife and I said in unison, as we glanced at each other.

So, now… we’re REALLY WORRIED again… to say the least!  Dr. Greenidge says that it will take at least 4 weeks for the medicine to wear off and he will go back for another pressure checks 2 weeks after that.  We’ll see then how well the drops have been working or not.  He seemed to thing that even if they were as high as 21 or so… that would be ok, because Christopher’s eyes may just have that as his “normal” pressures.  Here we go again… 😦

Last, Dr Homsy (who I haven’t been too fond of anyway, because she seemed like a cold, heartless, scatterbrained doctor where my son was concerned) left the practice she was at!  Yah!  We sought out another reputable doctor and found Dr. Mendenblatt (sp?)  He seems to be great!  He said Chritopher’s eyes have been extremely well taken care of and that he needs to patch for 4 hours a day 7 days a week.  He, for the first time in 3 years, explained the importance of patching and the WHY of patching.  We’ve just been doing it based on Dr. Homsy telling us to (blindly) even thought we’ve asked “why” many, many times.  She seemed to give us 2 or 3 different answers each time… til we were so frustrated and confused… that we just did what she said.  We hated that!  Now… we KNOW exactly why!  (It is because he now has developed lazy eye, from all of the surgeries, he needs to patch to help his eyes develop “cohesion” so they can work “binocularly” (together.)  – simple)

So… once again, life is showing that it is not, at all, predictable.  We just hope that Christopher’s eyes will hold out!  We love you Christopher… you are always in our thoughts and we constantly think about your eyes…