Ok… so I haven’t responded to a single post and I haven’t posted anything since the beginning of the year.

I am sorry on both counts.  Very selfish of me.  My excuse is a valid one… but I won’t get into it here.  Just know that life has been very tough this year… so I’m VERY VERY sorry for not responding.

That being said… I WILL post regularly and respond to any of your posts.  We (my wife and I) do have a good amount of real life experiences when it comes to all things eyes… so I’d love to help if I can.

Now… here is what has happend with Christopher’s eyes:

He is now letting Dr Greenidge check his pressures IN THE OFFICE!  The kid is 3 yrs old and sits in the chair… gets his cold, numbing eye drop, sits on his knees, sticks his chin in the machine, looks at the blue light, Dr Greenidge opens his eye just slightly, the probe touches his eye and registers a perfect pressure reading!  Then he does it with the other eye!  Can you believe that?!  3 years old!  No more visits to the Hospital to get a damn pressure reading… no more EUA’s just to see where the pressures are!  We even got some really good pictures of his optic nerve 2 visits ago!  We’ve been working all year to get Christopher to do this… it wasn’t easy… but with the Dr’s help, my encouragement, and my son’s fear of the hospital… we’ve got him doing it perfectly!  (*He gets ANYTHING he wants when he does this and that helps too!  lol… he got to buy 2 toys last time a dinosaur and a robot, plus he got a candy necklace, and a trip to the park!)  All worth it to avoid the hospital trip … just to check the pressures!

His pressures are about 18 in both eyes.  We have been on Travatan for the past 6 weeks … one drop in the right eye … every other day.  No drops in the left eye.  Pressures have remained pretty stable for now.  We see the Dr again in 3 months!  That is a lifetime without a Dr visit!  Whew!  We’ll take it!

We moved over to St Petersburg to be closer to the Dr and the Hospital… and we don’t have to go near as much (if at all to the hospital now)… just our luck!  lol  We’ll take that too for now!

Our 2nd son, Kevin (after Dr. Kevin Greenidge… of course), seems to have no problems with glaucoma as far as we can tell.  Dr Greenidge has seen him twice and there aren’t any problems he can see.  We are hoping this stays this way!

Life… as far as glaucoma, Christopher, Kevin, and all things “eyes”… is good.

One last VERY EXCITING thing has happened to us this past few weeks:

We go “garage sale’ing” every weekend.  2 weekend’s ago we were out and it wasn’t going too well (we couldn’t find any good deals and we were hot, etc.).  On top of everything else… Christopher had to go potty… “really bad.”  So, we drove aimlessly around the part of town we were in – where we knew nothing!  We almost pulled into a CVS, but decided on a Walgreens on the other side of the road.  After using the bathroom we went to the toy section (THIS WAS THE DAY OF OUR LAST DR VISIT AND CHRISTOPHER WAS DUE HIS 2 TOYS – THE DINOSAUR AND THE ROBOT!) and we were negotiating on some of the different “options”, if you will.  After a couple of minute of this a woman came around the corner and was watching us and laughing (she had heard us from the next aisle and was laughing at us.)  To make a long story short:  She is a Vision Specialist with Hillsborough County School District!  My wife and I are both in the process of becoming teachers, and my wife has wanted, for some time now, to work with visually impaired children.  We started talking and before the day ended… my wife had the number to a lady who ran a bachelor’s program through FSU that has a satellite campus here in St Petersburg… and my wife is on a new “track” to become a Visual Specialist educator.  Here’s the kicker – apparently there is such a need for this specialty in the schools… 1/2 of the tuition is paid for!  Amazing!  I don’t think I can get across how HUGE this is for us.  It is EXACTLY what my wife wants to do.  It has been a dream of her’s for sometime, but we didn’t have any idea how she could do this particular profession… nor did we know that it existed!  And to find out we can get 1/2 of her tuition paid for… is icing on the cake!

Anyway, life is pretty good … as far as the eyes go.  Life, on the other hand is … tough.

Until next time!

Christopher’s Dad