Wow… It HAS been a terrible long time since I’ve written.  I am very sorry!

Most would probably think that it is due to the fact that things are going well, for Christopher… but it isn’t.  It is actually due to personal circumstances and “life.”  But, THAT, is another blog… one that I really haven’t started just yet… hehe.

Ok… So, I found out from my wife that my mother, and quite possibly, my whole family, NOW know about my blog.  I guess she let it slip that I “write well on his blog” around my mother.  Discretely, my mom pressed her for the blog.  I’ve heard from my wife now, that she HAS read this… I’m a little embarrassed b/c I know that some of the things I say here may be hard to take from my family.  It has been a real battle and we’ve shared it with them… but, of course, we have hid our most innermost feelings from them.  Mostly, out of the need to anguish and “hurt” privately… but now that my story is “out” among my family and friends… Welcome!

I guess that when I started this blog, I was in a different place than I am today, emotionally speaking.  If I’ve upset anyone who didn’t “know” that I was writing this; if I’ve said anything in this blog that offends; if I’ve NOT said something here that someone else feels I should have said… I’m sorry.  I started this as a sort of “diary” that was open to people who would seek out others with the same problems we were facing – a child who has congenital glaucoma – and wanted to empathize or needed to feel like they weren’t alone.  A few people HAVE found us that way… and we’ve developed some simple, anonymous, helpful bonds and I hope that we’ve helped them through some of their toughest times… they now know that others have gone through the same EMOTIONAL tormoil they have.

Now… An update since the last time I wrote!

Christopher is doing AMAZINGLY well at this point.  As far as his eyes are concerned – they SEEM to be fine.  We still have not been to the hospital and we hope NOT to go back… at least for his “glaucoma.”  We know we will… at some point… but for now Dr Greenidge seems to believe that his pressures are still at an acceptable level.  Yah!  We’ve been trying to get pressure readings in the office on the regual pressure machine at each visit.  Christopher did very well the first time… but the last 2 times haven’t been that great.  I have a feeling that unless Christopher allows him to get a really good pressure reading the next time… we will be headed back to the operating room.  We see him again in a few weeks.

Dr Homsy – Christopher’s other eye doctor – She works with his visual acuity, glasses, amblyopia (lazy eye) etc – has said that she will probably be doing a “muscle tightening” surgery soon to straighten his left eye.  We’ve been patching about 70% pretty consistently for a year now… and his lazy eye doesn’t seem to be getting much better.  That sucks… but it is a helluva lot easier to deal with than anything we’ve had before.  So, I guess we’ll be heading back to surgery soon again ( a few months.)

While we were at our last appointment with Dr Greenidge, we asked him about getting our soon to be new son in for him to look at, after he is born.  Do we need to bring him in?  If so, how soon?  He resonded with a definite YES… (We need to bring him in.) and we need to get him in ASAP!  I asked “In the first week or so?”  and he responded with a “In the first couple of days!”  Wow!  I just didn’t really think it would be that pressing… but I guess it is.  That concerns Laura and I quite a bit right now… but we are staying optimistic.  We know there is a chance that “Kevin” (Our soon to be born son’s name) could have the same thing – congenital glaucoma – but we were just a little shocked that he wants to see him so quickly!  It is sitting in the back of our minds constantly.  We’ll wait and see.  Hopefully, everything will be alright.

Laura is back in school – full time – finishing her degree… She is going to be a teacher!I have been trying to get my teaching certificate too… I should have a full fledged teaching certificate by the start of next school year.  Real estate has been challenging… but we’ve survived.  We “eek” by… for now… that is good!  We realize that life is tough… but that there is hope.  Emotionally, we’ve been through the ringer.  Physically, we are worn down.  Financially, we are broken.  Spiritually – empty.  But – there is hope.  Finally.  2 and a 1/2 years ago we were on top of the world… The economy was peaking… We were peaking… Our life was GRAND.  Now… we are broke, broken, beaten up in many ways… but we are happier than we’ve ever been.  Our family has grown closer than any other family that I know… because we have had to deal with a LOT at the same time.  We KNOW that there are better times to come for us… Christopher is loved more than I ever dreamed possible.  Our family is growing.  We have no place to go but UP!

We love you Christopher… You are a special child!

I’ll keep you all posted on his condition!