I haven’t written in a few months… it has been a tough battle… and now we feel like we are coming out of our “funk.”

Christopher had a trabeculectomy about 2 months ago.  It came as a total surprise too… We were expecting to have valve implants… but when the Surgeon entered the eye… he said his eye tissue was just too thick and that he didnt’ believe the valve implants would work efficiently at all… so he elected to move forward with a trab instead.

We were stunned, shocked, distraught, dismayed, all that and more.  Our son is only 2 years old and according to the research we’ve done… he may never be able to swim, play sports, etc.  This is just horrible news for us.

The post op was excruciating – in fact, we are still in “post op” as we still have to administer drops about 4 times per day.  This is a breeze compared to what we went through for 3 weeks following the trab.  Drops every hour – on the hour – even through the night.  We had to rip the shield he had on … off of him for every drop… then tape it back on.  Our son fought us the entire way… he HATES drops, shields, patches, etc. and he is very strong, stubborn and he is a fighter.  The combination of all of that equaled – a very difficult, tiring, exhausting, emotional 3 weeks!

But, since then for the last month and a half…our spirits have risen to a higher plateau than we ever thought would be possible again!  My real estate broker – Susie – made it a point to find out what we were going through.  Then she took steps to get us some help – emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially.  We have never seen an outpouring of help and encouragement in our lives!  Everyone at the company I work for (as well as many other companies) came to our aid and did countless things for us.  I don’t have the time to explain everything that was done, but here is a synopsis:

Dinner’s were made for us – every night – for weeks on end!  Amazing!  Medical supplies donated to us.  Lots of gift cards and money was raised and given to us and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  Encouraging words.  Cards.  Support.  Words just can’t make other’s understand what this did for my family!  Thanks for any and all who helped us out!

We aren’t out of the woods just yet… but there is HOPE.

I have tried to stop asking the question WHY so much… I am still tormented over it at times… but I’ve tried to allow myself to climb out of the mental mess that I’ve been in for a couple of years.  It hasn’t been easy, but I’m getting better!

Christopher is doing just great at this point.  He is up to 27 hospital visits/surgeries.  The trab seems to be working – at least for now – and with this horrible affliction that is all we can hope for.  Now… we just hope for longevity!  He is the smartest kid in the world (I think anyway… lol) and he brings complete joy and happiness in our life!

Now… we have a whole new set of worries… We found out over the weekend that my wife is pregnant again!  We are overjoyed and extremely happy and excited!  At the same time…we’re worried b/c congenital glaucoma is funny.  I thing the chances of a sibling having the same condition (at least boy/boy siblings) is something like 1 in 4!  That is horrible odds considering that it is extremely rare to have a child with one in the first place!  Amazing!  Now what?  At least we know what signs to look for and what will/could happen should our next child have it.

Anyway, life is pretty good for now… for today… and we’ll relish in it.  Hope is all we have for the future of Christopher, our next child, life, etc.  Maybe now when I ask the tough “Why?” Questions… I can at least counter them with “Hope…”  there is hope…

I have also decided that I will be getting a tatoo – something to do with Christopher and his eyes… haven’t quite decided yet… but I will be getting it soon.  I actually decided that I would be doing this a year or so ago… and now I’ve decided to get it done soon (I want it before our next child gets here.)  I just feel like I’d like to have something on me that reminds me how precious Christopher is, and to not take anything for granted – eyesight included!

My wife and I have also decided to look into joining the Lion’s Club.  They were a huge help over the past few months and actually helped us out in so many ways.  We have always been giving people and want to give back to an organization that we absolutely have a strong affinity towards!

Ok… that’s it for now… some good, upbeat news for a change!  Wow!  Feels good on this end too… lol.

Til next time…