Yesterday was quite a day.  Whew!  I’m sitting in my office working my butt off… focused… finally getting some motivation after a few weeks of being down…. when I get a call… It’s my wife… She is on the way to the hospital – in an ambulance!  Christopher fell at the playground while climbing a ladder, hit his head and passed out!

That is about all I heard as I hung up the phone and sped to the hospital.  I beat the ambulance there and the park where Christopher got hurt was only about about 75 yeard away from the hospital!  As he was pulled off of the hospital – strapped to a gurney, in a head brace, tied up so he couldn’t move… I heard him screaming and crying.  Broke my heart.  I held his hand every step of the way into the emergency room, as they checked him, did his x-rays, cat scan…. “Is his neck ok? Is he ok? Is his head ok? Is his brain ok?”  It was one of the most intense 2 hours I’ve ever experienced.  In the end he was ok from the fall.

But is he?  You see… we battle this damn disease every second of every day with him.  His eye pressure go up and it hurts his optic nerve.  A rise in blood pressure will raise the pressure in his eyes.  So, what sort of trauma was done to his eyes because of this common fall that happens every day?  It hurt my heart to see him lying there… and in the back of my mind… I’m worried about him screaming because they won’t get him out of the neck brace that is causing him to be so upset… and I’m thinking the whole time… his pressures must be through the roof!  “Can you turn the light off or down?” I beg… finally, they do.  One lady is screaming at the top of her voice at him, trying to calm Christopher down… “Get away from him and stop yelling in his face!” I tell her… she backs off.  “Shhhh… I know… I know… baby” I console him over and over for about 30 minutes, until, finally, they determine they can take the neck brace off.

You would think that dealing with this disease gets easier with time… that we could get it out of our heads at least at during the most intense times… but even during the emergencies… it is apparent… that it will consume my thoughts!