We took Christopher to an Easter Egg hunt today! About 200 to 300 kids were there and it was a blast. We sat at the rope line waiting patiently for the hunt to begin… Christopher had is patch on and he doesn’t see so well … at all… with his left eye. Since, there were another 100 kids in his age group grabbing for eggs… we decided that part of his 30% without a patch on today was going to be the hunt. We just wanted him to have some fun and get some eggs!

Worked out ok. He had a BLAST! He even rode the Choo Choo Train later and bounced in the Bouncy Tent Thingie!

The rest of the day pretty much sucked for him… as it usually does. He kept his patch on a little better today than usual… But at one point this evening… I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch and he was “climbing” up me and onto the couch. He misjudged the couch edge and stuck his hand out to brace himself… laughing that genuine 2 year old laugh that says “I’m having the time of my life right this moment!”… and missed the edge! He fell right on his head and his neck twisted. I’m sure he will be sore in his neck for a couple of days. It hurt him and he cried for about 30 minutes. Just another side effect of this damn disease!

I hate it. Why does he have to have it? Why does he have to get hurt when we force him to wear a patch to make him better? F#$%^^G sucks! It took me down instantly. But, then again, if you read my blog… you know that isn’t hard to do these days. 😦